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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB16 Briese Passed Provide for the withholding of records relating to certain critical infrastructure
LB17 Briese Referral State a right of juveniles who have a parent with a disability
LB18 Briese Referral Adopt the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection Act
LB19 Briese Referral Allow withholding from public of reports of injury under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act as prescribed and provide duties for the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
LB20 Briese Referral Require voter approval of public building commission bonds
LB183 Briese Select File Change the valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land for purposes of certain school district taxes
LB203 Briese Passed Change provisions of the Music Licensing Agency Act
LB204 Briese Referral Require approval of voters for bonds under the Interlocal Cooperation Act
LB314 Briese Referral Adopt the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection Act and change revenue and taxation provisions
LB397 Briese Passed Change provisions relating to tobacco and other nicotine products and tobacco manufacturers
LB506 Briese Referral Adopt the Property Tax Request Limitation Act
LB507 Briese Referral Impose sales tax on certain services and eliminate sales tax exemptions
LB508 Briese Referral Impose sales and use taxes on certain services, eliminate sales tax exemptions, and use the increased revenue for property tax credits.
LB513 Briese Referral Change requirements for the issuance of certain school district bonds
LB590 Briese Passed Require use of Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System for documentation and verification of staff training
LB591 Briese Referral Provide for alcohol impact zones and provide duties for the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
LB592 Briese Passed Change provisions relating to farm wineries under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB593 Briese Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to medical assistance reimbursement claims and liens and provide for retroactivity
LB930 Briese Referral Require a minimum amount of tax relief under the Property Tax Credit Act
LB946 Briese Referral Change the sales tax rate and impose sales tax on additional services
LB1015 Briese Referral Provide for year-round daylight saving time
LR41 Briese Congratulate the Plainview High School wrestling team on winning the 2019 Class D state championship
LR78 Briese Congratulate Roger Goldfish on his retirement after 34 years of service to his community
LR207 Briese Referral Interim study to examine the possible elimination of various exemptions of goods and exclusions of services under Nebraska's sales and use tax laws
LR215 Briese Referral Interim study to examine the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act
LR231 Briese Referral Interim study to examine whether electrician licensing requirements and building regulations need to be changed to support economic development