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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB153 Kuehn Referral Prohibit certain officeholders and public employees from being a lobbyist
LB203 Kuehn Passed Change provisions relating to maximum annual unemployment benefits and disqualification for benefits and authorize electronic notice
LB223 Kuehn Passed Change provisions relating to prescription drug monitoring
LB481 Kuehn Passed Provide for drug product selection for interchangeable biological products
LB542 Kuehn Referral Provide for liens and recovery of debt incurred under the Medical Assistance Act
LB583 Kuehn Withdrawn Remove the authority of veterinarians to dispense controlled substances
LB661 Kuehn General File Provide for confidentiality of information relating to performing a lethal injection
LB663 Kuehn Referral Require a copy of a lobbying contract for lobbyist registration as prescribed
LB664 Kuehn Referral Prohibit a political subdivision from using taxes or fees to employ a lobbyist
LB665 Kuehn Referral Require a statement of activity regarding certain lobbying activity
LB806 Kuehn Referral Change the Conveyance Safety Act
LB905 Kuehn Referral Change the burden of proof for certain protests of real property valuations
LB934 Kuehn General File Require identification prior to receipt of dispensed opiates
LB935A Kuehn General File Appropriation Bill
LB1057 Kuehn General File Change provisions relating to prescription drug monitoring
LB1099 Kuehn Referral Adopt the Legislative Ethics Act
LB1129 Kuehn Referral Prohibit state employees from certain political activities
LB1130 Kuehn General File Provide a disclosure requirement for certain tax-exempt organizations under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LR10 Kuehn Congratulate Lona Kuehn on her 100th birthday
LR12 Kuehn Congratulate Michael Overturf on receiving the Thomas Jefferson Award
LR13 Kuehn Congratulate Tysen McDowell on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR14 Kuehn Congratulate Andrew Hultquist on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR77 Kuehn Congratulate Zachary C. Reichstein on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR78 Kuehn Congratulate Gary DeBoer on being a charter inductee into the Nebraska Eight-Man Football Hall of Fame
LR97 Kuehn Designate April 10, 2017, as Lineworker Appreciation Day in Nebraska
LR190 Kuehn Referral Interim study to examine the possibility of creating an ethics committee within the Legislature
LR242 Kuehn Referral Interim study to examine the feasibility of zero-based budgeting for state agencies
LR290CA Kuehn Referral Constitutional amendment authorizing the Legislature to value real property for property tax purposes at its market value on date of acquisition