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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB178 Kintner Referral Change provisions relating to transportation reimbursement and state aid relative to learning communities
LB179 Kintner Referral Eliminate learning communities
LB227 Kintner Referral Exclude retirement benefits from state income taxation
LB293 Kintner Referral Prohibit disclosure of any applicant or permitholder information regarding firearms registration, possession, sale, or use as prescribed
LB482 Kintner Referral Prohibit the state and political subdivisions from adopting certain policy recommendations
LB558 Kintner Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to certain declaratory judgments and illegal taxes paid
LB708 Kintner Referral Exempt social security benefits from state income taxation
LB709 Kintner Referral Exempt military retirement benefits from state income taxation
LB909 Kintner Referral Require state agencies to submit to the Legislative Performance Audit Committee a list of certain rules and regulations and legislation requiring the rules and regulations
LB1015 Kintner Referral Include certain fire and rescue departments under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act
LB1030 Kintner Referral Adopt the State Firearms Rights Act
LB1031 Kintner Referral Change the distribution of sales and use tax revenue and provide for decreased income tax rates
LB1032 Kintner Referral Require posting of signs regarding abortion
LR430 Kintner Congratulate Brock Milius for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
LR431 Kintner Congratulate the Louisville-Weeping Water baseball team for winning the 2013 Class C Junior Legion State Tournament
LR622 Kintner Congratulate Eythan Ingle Strope on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout