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LB421 Kauth Referral Provide procedures for directed health measures
LB422 Kauth Referral Exempt certain activities from disciplinary action under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB423 DeBoer Referral Provide for umbrella and excess insurance coverage to be stacked with uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
LB424 DeBoer Referral Create the Department of Housing and Urban Development
LB425 Bostelman Referral Change provisions relating to the Game and Parks Commission and the Game Law
LB426 Riepe General File Change the number of judges on the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court
LB427 Riepe General File Eliminate fees relating to nonresident contractors under the Contractor Registration Act
LB428 Walz Referral Require the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency to provide matching funding for the federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
LB429 Walz Referral Create a fund under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act and transfer unclaimed income tax credits to the fund
LB430 Walz Referral Prohibit a multiple procedure payment reduction policy from being applied to physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology services as prescribed under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB431 Halloran General File Change provisions relating to criminal history record information checks under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB432 McKinney Referral Adopt the Second Look Act, change provisions relating to sentences and certain offenses, provide for good time for offenders serving mandatory minimum terms, provide for expanded parole eligibility and for geriatric parole, and change provisions relating to parole
LB433 Jacobson Referral Provide requirements for distribution of funding for behavioral health regions
LB434 Jacobson Referral Require the Department of Health and Human Services to enroll long-term care hospitals as providers under the medical assistance program and submission of a state plan amendment or waiver
LB435 Geist Referral Provide for court appointed parental advisers
LB436 Geist General File Change provisions relating to controlled substances schedules under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act
LB437 Ballard Referral Change the renewal period for business entity licenses under the Insurance Producers Licensing Act
LB438 Conrad Referral Provide for an award of attorney’s fees in appeals and change and modernize third-party practice provisions
LB439 Raybould Referral State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Correctional Services for domestic violence programming
LB440 Albrecht Referral Change provisions relating to certain school taxes and special funds
LB441 Albrecht Referral Change provisions relating to obscenity
LB442 Albrecht General File State intent to transfer funds to the Livestock Growth Act Cash Fund
LB443 Albrecht Referral Change provisions relating to compensation for total disability under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act
LB444 Linehan Referral Provide for a one-time grant for a health sciences education center, infrastructure costs, and a community athletics complex
LB445 Wayne Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development
LB446 Bostar Referral Adopt the Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Sharing Program Act
LB447 Bostar General File Provide an income tax deduction for retired firefighters for health insurance premiums, rename and change provisions of the Law Enforcement Education Act to include tuition waivers for professional firefighters and dependents, and provide powers and duties for the Department of Revenue
LB448 Bostar Referral Prohibit certain provisions in a health plan in relation to clinician-administered drugs
LB449 Brandt Referral Provide an additional use for the County Bridge Match Program
LB450 Brewer General File Prohibit land disposal of wind turbine blades and their component parts
LB451 Brewer General File Provide for the Department of Health and Human Services to award a grant to assist a rehabilitation hospital
LB452 Murman General File Change provisions relating to microdistilleries under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB453 DeKay General File Provide an additional use of the Highway Cash Fund and change provisions relating to bridge replacement and road construction contracts
LB454 DeKay Referral Require the Department of Transportation to plan, design, and purchase rights-of-way for U.S. Highway 81
LB455 Wayne General File Require the State Department of Education to create a grant program
LB456 Brewer Referral Provide for claims for monetary compensation for damage caused by elk or mountain lions and authorize the control of elk and mountain lion populations
LB457 Holdcroft Referral Require video surveillance of voting and provide requirements for paper ballots, vote scanning devices, and vote tabulating equipment
LB458 Ballard Referral Allow certain central fill pharmacies to deliver to a patient under the Prescription Drug Safety Act
LB459 McDonnell Referral Require reimbursement by the State Fire Marshal for premiums for benefits provided pursuant to the Firefighter Cancer Benefits Act
LB460 McDonnell General File Provide for reimbursement of mental health examinations and resilience training for certain persons under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB461 Arch General File Change, transfer, and eliminate provisions relating to the materiel division of the Department of Administrative Services and procurement of services and personal property
LB462 Conrad Referral Redefine a term under the Middle Income Workforce Housing Investment Act
LB463 Health and Human Services Committee Referral Change provisions relating to application for licensure under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act
LB464 Vargas Referral Change provisions relating to proof of mental injuries and mental illness for first responders under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act
LR22CA Dover General File Constitutional amendment to change legislative term limits to three consecutive terms
LR23CA Riepe Referral Constitutional amendment to prohibit the levying of an inheritance tax
LR24CA Albrecht Referral Constitutional amendment to eliminate the State Board of Education and provide for the Governor to appoint the Commissioner of Education
LR25 Albrecht Adopted Extend sympathy to the family of former Senator Pat Engel
LR26CA Day Referral Constitutional amendment to remove provisions regarding marriage from the Constitution of Nebraska