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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB205A Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB311A Crawford Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB323A Crawford Passed Appropriation Bill
LB470A La Grone Governor Veto Appropriation Bill
LB481A Stinner Passed Appropriation Bill
LB607A Kolterman Governor Veto Appropriation Bill
LB686A Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB720A Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB733A Kolowski Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LR136 Vargas Recognize the outstanding achievements of Noah Fant and wish him luck in his career in the National Football League
LR137 Lindstrom Referral Interim study to examine the Nebraska Condominium Act
LR138 McDonnell Referral Interim study to identify for adoption by the Legislature three to five infrastructure project opportunities in eastern Nebraska to provide flood control, a reliable drinking water supply, power generation, climate change mitigation, and recreation
LR139 Lowe Referral Interim study to examine the feasibility of increasing the presence of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in central and western Nebraska by strengthening collaborations with the University of Nebraska at Kearney
LR140 Kolowski Referral Interim study to examine the roles and guidelines of homeowners' associations
LR141 Williams Referral Interim study to examine ways to enhance financial literacy programs, training, and general competencies and problem-solving skills in Nebraska, with the objective of increasing long-term financial stability for all Nebraskans