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LB668 Executive Board: Watermeier, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to eliminate inconsistent language related to the enrollment option program
LB669 Executive Board: Watermeier, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to repeal obsolete provisions related to educational bridge programs
LB670 Krist General File Change membership, powers, and duties of the Nebraska Coalition for Juvenile Justice
LB671 Krist Referral Change requirements for certain driving permits and use of occupant protection systems, change certain violations from secondary to primary enforcement, and prohibit use of interactive wireless communication devices by school bus operators
LB672 Krist Referral Provide for medical release for committed offenders
LB673 Krist Referral Change procedures for certain hearings for juveniles
LB674 Krist Referral State intent to appropriate funds to the Division of Aeronautics for the Civil Air Patrol
LB675 Krist Referral Change provisions relating to correctional overcrowding emergencies
LB676 Krist Referral Allow certain committed persons to participate in substance abuse or rehabilitative treatment, seek residency or employment, and participate in structured programming
LB677 Krist Referral Change appropriations for certain health and human services programs
LB678 Krist General File Change provisions relating to criminal justice
LB679 Krist Referral Change the distribution of taxes remitted to the Charitable Gaming Operations Fund
LB680 Krist Referral Adopt the Interstate Placement for Involuntarily Admitted Patients Agreement Act
LB681 Blood Referral Adopt the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact
LB682 Blood General File Provide consumer protection and civil relief for servicemembers and provide a duty for the National Guard
LB683 Blood General File Provide a license fee exemption for servicemembers and their spouses under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB684 Blood Referral Change the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act
LB685 Blood E and R Engrossing Provide a funding priority for special-needs military dependents under the Developmental Disabilities Services Act
LB686 Blood General File Adopt the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact
LB687 Blood Referral Adopt the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact
LB688 Blood Referral Provide for the possession, use, and application of sunscreen for children and students and provide immunity
LB689 Blood Referral Exclude juveniles from the Sex Offender Registration Act
LB690 Blood General File Adopt the Counterfeit Airbag Prevention Act
LB691 Blood Referral Adopt the Nebraska Virtual Currency Money Laundering Act and define and redefine terms under the Nebraska Money Transmitters Act
LB692 Blood Referral Provide for a staffing analysis of the Department of Correctional Services
LB693 Blood Referral Regulate and create criminal offenses regarding the use of unmanned aircraft systems
LB694 Blood General File Prohibit cities and villages and counties from taxing or regulating distributed ledger technology
LB695 Blood General File Authorize and define smart contracts and authorize use of distributed ledger technology as prescribed
LB696 Ebke Referral Increase the number of district court judges in Douglas County
LB697 Ebke E and R Engrossing Change certain district court judicial district boundaries
LB698 Kolterman Referral Change powers and duties of the Public Employees Retirement Board
LB699 Kolterman Referral Redefine actuarial equivalent in certain retirement acts as prescribed
LB700 Kolterman Referral Change provisions relating to the state investment officer and investment and management of the University Trust Fund
LB701 Kolterman General File Provide for telehealth practice by physicians and physician assistants
LB702 Kolterman E and R Engrossing Change provisions relating to children's health care coverage and Title IV-D child support order modification procedures
LB703 Kolterman General File Provide a licensure exemption for visiting athletic team physicians as prescribed
LB704 Kolterman General File Change provisions relating to foreign medical graduates
LB705 Kolterman General File Change licensure requirements for estheticians and esthetician instructors
LB706 Kolterman General File Eliminate certain requirements for electrology licensure
LB707 Kolterman Referral Change provisions of the Uniform Standard Code for Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles by eliminating applicability and references to manufactured homes and renaming the code
LB708 Bolz General File Change provisions relating to juvenile court bridge orders
LB709 Baker General File Change provisions relating to city and village plumbing boards and change a penalty
LB710 Baker Passed Change provisions relating to civil claims of four thousand dollars or less
LB711 Baker Referral Change requirements for use of occupant protection systems
LB712 Albrecht Referral Require drug testing for certain applicants and recipients of unemployment benefits
LB713 Erdman Referral Change compensation of members of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
LB714 Howard Select File Provide a procedure for judicial emancipation of a minor
LB715 Howard Referral State intent relating to appropriations to local public health departments
LB716 Howard Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Correctional Services
LB717 Howard General File Change training requirements under the Quality Child Care Act
LB718 Halloran Referral Adopt the Higher Education Free Speech Accountability Act
LB719 Wayne Referral Eliminate the authority of cities of the second class and villages to make loans to students
LB720 Wayne Referral Change applicability provisions for building codes
LB721 Wayne Referral Remove a prohibition to regulate wireless telecommunications service by the Public Service Commission
LB722 Wayne Referral Provide a renewable energy electric power generation requirement for certain public power and irrigation districts
LB723 Wayne Referral Change net metering provisions by redefining qualified facility and increasing the rated capacity limit as prescribed
LB724 Wayne E and R Engrossing Provide for segregation of keno funds, electronic fund transfers, and deposit of gross proceeds by a sales outlet location as prescribed
LB725 Wayne Referral Change requirements of the Prompt Payment Act
LB726 Wayne Referral Require insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization procedures
LB727 Wayne Referral Provide for appropriations to the Nebraska State Historical Society
LB728 Wayne Referral Change individual income tax brackets and rates
LB729 Wayne General File Allow claims arising out of misrepresentation or deceit under the Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act and State Tort Claims Act
LB730 Wayne Referral Adopt the Ammunition Excise Tax Act
LB731 Williams Referral Provide for licensure of remote dispensing pharmacies
LB732 Riepe General File Change a reporting date relating to the Nebraska Children's Commission
LB733 Thibodeau General File Change provisions relating to licenses of county highway and city street superintendents
LB734 Scheer Referral Change provisions relating to special designated licenses under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB735 Blood General File Provide for interlocal agreements regarding nuisances
LB736 Lindstrom Referral Change real estate agent duties with respect to certain written disclosures
LB737 Lindstrom Referral Adopt the First Responder Education Act
LB738 Lindstrom Referral Change revenue and taxation provisions relating to an adjustment to income for social security benefits
LB739 Lindstrom Referral Change the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act
LB740 Lindstrom Referral Provide for registration and licensing of metropolitan utilities district motor vehicles and trailers as prescribed
LB741 Lindstrom Select File Change provisions relating to real property appraisers
LB742 Lindstrom General File Change provisions relating to noncompete agreements under the Franchise Practices Act
LB743 Lindstrom Delivered to Governor Adopt the Public Adjusters Licensing Act and change continuing education and prelicensing education provisions
LB744 Executive Board Passed Adopt the Legislative Qualifications and Election Contests Act
LB745 Watermeier E and R Initial Require notice relating to certain refunds of local sales and use taxes
LB746 Watermeier Referral Change provisions regulating the use of the State Capitol and capitol grounds
LB747 Thibodeau Referral Provide for bottle clubs under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB748 Hansen General File Change provisions relating to determination of municipality population thresholds and references to cities, villages, and governing bodies
LB749 Williams General File Change provisions relating to recording and filing fees
LB750 Williams Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to mortgage licensing, recording of real property instruments, and rights and duties of secured creditors
LB751 Legislative Performance Audit Committee General File Change agency duties with respect to adoption of rules and regulations
LB752 Brewer Referral Limit the authority of certain political subdivisions to acquire rights-of-way
LB753 Brewer Referral Provide for tuition waivers for National Guard members
LB754 Brewer Referral Authorize purchase of state park permits while registering a motor vehicle online
LB755 Brewer Referral Change rules for operation of all-terrain vehicles and utility-type vehicles
LB756 Morfeld General File Prohibit ordinances prohibiting certain short-term rentals of residential property
LB757 Morfeld Passed Change provisions of the Credit Report Protection Act and the Financial Data Protection and Consumer Notification of Data Security Breach Act of 2006
LB758 Hughes Passed Provide for voluntary payments in lieu of taxes on water augmentation project lands as prescribed
LB759 Hughes Referral Eliminate a sales and use tax exemption relating to zoos and aquariums
LB760 Hughes Select File Change the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act
LB761 Hughes Referral Change compensation provisions relating to the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
LB762 Hughes Referral Change a date for certain scrap tire recycling grants
LB763 Harr Referral Prohibit obstruction of a public power district employee
LB764 Crawford Referral Exempt certain operations from the definition of a food establishment under the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB765 Urban Affairs Committee General File Change provisions relating to cities of the first class as prescribed
LB766 Brasch General File Change provisions relating to division fences
LB767 Quick Referral Adopt changes to the state building code
LB768 Quick General File Redefine economic development program to include early childhood infrastructure development for cities of the first and second class and villages
LB769 Quick Referral Adopt the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact
LB770 McCollister Referral Change provisions relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
LB771 Walz Referral Adopt the Child Hunger and Workforce Readiness Act
LB772 Walz Referral Change provisions relating to agricultural land that receives special valuation
LB773 Clements E and R Engrossing Change intimidation by telephone call provisions and prohibit intimidation by electronic communication
LB774 Pansing Brooks General File Change peace officers' duties regarding encounters with certain juveniles
LB775 Stinner Delivered to Governor Adopt the State Park System Construction Alternatives Act
LB776 McCollister General File Provide requirements for inmate access to telephone or videoconferencing systems in county and city jails
LB777 Howard Referral Provide requirements for filling legislative vacancies
LB778 Groene General File Require voter approval for school district building fund levies
LB779 Groene Referral Change provisions relating to learning communities
LB780 Pansing Brooks Referral Prohibit manufacture, import, transfer, and possession of multiburst trigger activators and firearm silencers
LB781 Pansing Brooks Referral Change penalties for certain felonies committed by persons under nineteen years of age
LB782 Pansing Brooks Referral Change intimidation by telephone call provisions and provide for intimidation by electronic communication
LB783 Vargas Referral Define "educational interpreter" for purposes of students eligible for special education as prescribed
LB784 Vargas General File Change the Employee Classification Act to prohibit contractors with unpaid fines from contracting with the state or political subdivisions
LB785 Vargas Referral Change terminology related to marriage
LB786 Vargas General File Change terminology related to county government
LR261 Albrecht Congratulate Michelle Helt for being named the 2018 Nebraska Teacher of the Year
LR262 Albrecht Congratulate the Pender Elementary School on their achievements
LR263 Scheer Congratulate the University of Nebraska Women's Volleyball team for winning the 2017 NCAA Division I volleyball championship
LR264 Scheer Congratulate the Norfolk Catholic High School football team on winning the 2017 Class C-1 state championship
LR265 Riepe Express appreciation for the achievements of Ralston Public Schools Superintendent Mark Adler
LR266 Hughes Referral Urge the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, the Nebr. congressional delegation, and the Game and Parks Commission to find a solution regarding policy changes that affect Hugh Butler Lake, Harry Strunk Lake, and Swanson Reservoir
LR267 Harr Express sympathy to the family of Helen Condon Jenkins