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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB114 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Redefine ambulatory surgical center and health clinic under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act
LB115 Scheer Indefinitely postponed Prohibit certain actions related to social security numbers
LB116 Haar Passed Change election procedures and membership for certain sanitary and improvement district boards of trustees
LB117 Haar Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to energy financing contracts
LB118 Larson Passed Exempt licensed cigar shops and tobacco retail outlets from smoking restrictions
LB119 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Change where certain sentences of imprisonment may be served
LB120 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Provide for seizure of license plates of certain uninsured motor vehicles or trailers as prescribed
LB121 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Require voter identification and secret-ballot envelopes
LB122 Schumacher Passed Change provisions relating to operation of utility-type vehicles
LB123 Schumacher Passed Change provisions relating to the payment of warrants
LB124 Nordquist Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements relating to copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles
LB125 Nordquist Indefinitely postponed Create a fund relating to health care homes for the medically underserved
LB126 Nordquist Passed Change size of counties for applicability of certain county retirement programs and change contribution provisions for such programs
LB127 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Eliminate provisions relating to hunting mountain lions
LB128 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Repeal the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Management Act
LB129 Harr Passed Require criminal background checks for applicants for an initial nursing license
LB130 Watermeier Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the Water Sustainability Fund
LB131 Craighead Passed Provide restrictions on sanitary and improvement districts subject to municipal annexation and authorize certain fees for county treasurers
LB132 Ebke Passed Change joint public agency bonding powers and procedures
LB133 Ebke Indefinitely postponed Change interest rate provisions on certain Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court awards
LB134 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to first injury reports under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB135 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to termination of township boards
LB136 Johnson Passed Prohibit flying lanterns
LB137 Johnson Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to discharge of a firearm
LB138 Johnson Passed Name the Land Surveyors Regulation Act and provide for a code of practice
LB139 Johnson Passed Change and eliminate provisions relating to the Real Property Appraiser Act
LB140 Davis Indefinitely postponed Provide for primary elections for partisan county offices without party affiliation in counties with less than 10,000 population
LB141 Schilz Passed Change provisions relating to the Public Entities Mandated Project Charges Act
LB142 Schilz Passed Create the Aquatic Invasive Species Program and provide funding
LB143 Schilz Indefinitely postponed Provide training cost reimbursement relating to underground storage tanks
LB144 Davis Indefinitely postponed Reduce levy authority of community colleges and increase state aid to community colleges
LB145 Watermeier Indefinitely postponed Change provisions governing active executive officers of banks and provide the Department of Banking and Finance with certain powers
LB146 Crawford Passed Provide for disposition of unclaimed cremated remains in a veteran cemetery
LB147 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to asset limitations for public assistance
LB148 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Provide for medical assistance program coverage for certain youth formerly in foster care
LB149 Urban Affairs Committee Passed Change provisions relating to election procedures for sanitary and improvement districts
LB150 Urban Affairs Committee Passed Redefine terms under the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act
LB151 Urban Affairs Committee Passed Provide for a person designated to accept city or village notices in cases of mortgaged property or trust deed default
LB152 Urban Affairs Committee Passed Authorize cities and villages to borrow from state-chartered or federally chartered financial institutions as prescribed
LB153 Morfeld Indefinitely postponed Exempt college textbooks from sales and use taxes
LB154 Hadley Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
LB155 Williams Passed Change provisions relating to capital stock requirements, clearing and settlement of checks, and cost of disclosure of confidential records
LB156 Stinner Passed Change the amount of credits allowed and reporting requirements under the Angel Investment Tax Credit Act
LR7CA Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Constitutional amendments to limit service of members of the Legislature to three consecutive terms and eliminate provisions relating to service for more than one-half of a term
LR8 Johnson Congratulate the David City Aquinas Catholic High School football team for winning the 2014 Class C-2 state championship
LR9 Gloor Congratulate Hornady Manufacturing on being named the 2014 Nebraska Manufacturer of the Year