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This page allows for keyword searches of transcripts of floor debates since the 82nd (1971 - 1972) Legislature and committee hearings since the 82nd (1971 - 1972) Legislature.

To search for transcripts introduced in specific years, select one or more years from the "Legislature" list. To search for a specific type of transcript, select one of transcripts from the "Transcript Type" list.

Please note that when searching on a specific bill or resolution, enter the prefix ("LB" or "LR") and the number itself. If it is for a year prior to 2007, you will need to use a space between the prefix and the number (i.e. "LB 100").

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These records are provided for information and research purposes only. Any legislative materials which require certification pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. Section View Statue 27-902(4) or which are used for other official purposes, must be obtained from the office of the Clerk of the Legislature, which is responsible for collecting and preserving official legislative records.