Nebraska Uniform Commercial Code 1-101

UCC 1-101


Short titles.

(a) Sections 1-101 to 10-103 may be cited as the Uniform Commercial Code.

(b) This article may be cited as Uniform Commercial Code—General Provisions.



  • Source: Former section 1-101.

  • Changes from former law: Subsection (b) is new. It is added in order to make the structure of article 1 parallel with that of the other articles of the Uniform Commercial Code.

  • 1. Each other article of the Uniform Commercial Code (except articles 10 and 11) may also be cited by its own short title. See sections 2-101, 2A-101, 3-101, 4-101, 4A-101, 5-101, 6-101, 7-101, 8-101, and 9-101.