Nebraska Revised Statute 79-9,104


Employees retirement system; annuities; benefits; exempt from claims of creditors; exceptions.

(1) All annuities and other benefits payable under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act and all accumulated credits of members of the retirement system shall not be assignable or subject to execution, garnishment, or attachment except to the extent that such annuity or benefit is subject to a qualified domestic relations order as such term is defined in and which meets the requirements of section 414(p) of the Internal Revenue Code. Payments under such a qualified domestic relations order shall be made only after the administrator of the retirement system receives written notice of such order and such additional information and documentation as the administrator may require.

(2) In lieu of the assignment of a member's future annuity or benefit to the member's spouse or former spouse, the retirement system shall permit the spouse or former spouse of a member to receive, pursuant to a qualified domestic relations order, a single sum payment of a specified percentage of the member's accumulated contributions on the condition that upon the payment of such amount the spouse or former spouse shall have no further interest in the retirement system or in the remaining benefit of the member under the retirement system.

(3) A member's interest and benefits under the retirement system shall be reduced, either at termination of employment, retirement, disability, or death, by the actuarial value of the benefit assigned or paid to the member's spouse, former spouse, or other dependents under a qualified domestic relations order, as determined by the plan actuary on the basis of the actuarial assumptions then recommended by the actuary pursuant to section 79-984.