Nebraska Revised Statute 71-8248


Statewide trauma registry.

The department shall establish and maintain a statewide trauma registry to collect and analyze data on the incidence, severity, and causes of trauma, including traumatic brain injury. The registry shall be used to improve the availability and delivery of prehospital or emergency care and hospital trauma care services. Specific data elements of the registry shall be defined by rule and regulation of the department. Every health care facility designated as an advanced, a basic, a comprehensive, or a general level trauma center, a specialty level burn or pediatric trauma center, an advanced, an intermediate, or a general level rehabilitation center, or a prehospital or emergency care provider shall furnish data to the registry. All other hospitals may furnish trauma data as required by the department by rule and regulation. All hospitals involved in the care of a trauma patient shall have unrestricted access to all prehospital reports for the trauma registry for that specific trauma occurrence.