Nebraska Revised Statute 45-1005


Installment loans; license; application; fee.

Any person who desires to obtain an original license to engage in the business of lending money under the terms and conditions of the Nebraska Installment Loan Act or an original license to hold or acquire any rights of ownership, servicing, or other forms of participation in a loan under the act or to engage with, or conduct loan activity with, an installment loan borrower in connection with a loan under the act, shall apply to the department for the license under oath, on a form prescribed by the department, and pay an original license fee of five hundred dollars. If the applicant is an individual, the application shall include the applicant's social security number.


  • Amendment to this section in 1963 Special Session by Legislative Bill 11 was unconstitutional as special legislation. State Securities Co. v. Ley, 177 Neb. 251, 128 N.W.2d 766 (1964).