Nebraska Revised Statute 45-916


Operating with other business; conditions.

A licensee may operate a delayed deposit services business at a location where any other business is operated or in association or conjunction with any other business if:

(1) The books, accounts, and records of the delayed deposit services business are kept and maintained separate and apart from the books, accounts, and records of the other business;

(2) The other business is not of a type which would tend to conceal evasion of the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act. If the director determines upon investigation that the other business is of a type which would conceal evasion of the act, the director shall order such licensee to cease the operation of the other business at such location; and

(3) At least thirty days prior to conducting such other business, the licensee provides written notice to the director of (a) its intent to conduct such other business at its location or locations and (b) the nature of such other business and the director does not disapprove of such other business within thirty days after receiving the written notice.