Nebraska Revised Statute 45-915.01


Licensee; books and records.

(1) Each licensee shall keep or make available the books and records relating to transactions made under the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act as are necessary to enable the department to determine whether the licensee is complying with the act. The books and records shall be maintained in a manner consistent with accepted accounting practices.

(2) A licensee shall, at a minimum, include in its books and records copies of all application materials relating to makers, disclosure agreements, checks, payment receipts, and proofs of compliance required by section 45-919.

(3) A licensee shall preserve or keep its books and records relating to every delayed deposit transaction for three years from the date of the inception of the transaction, or two years from the date a final entry is made thereon, including any applicable collection effort, whichever is later.

(4) The licensee shall maintain its books, accounts, and records, whether in physical or electronic form, at its designated principal place of business, except that books, accounts, and records which are older than two years may be maintained at any other place within this state as long as such records are available for inspection by the department.