Nebraska Revised Statute 45-206


Monthly statement by seller; contents; payment in full; requirements.

(1) The seller under a revolving charge agreement shall promptly supply the buyer under such agreement with a statement as of the end of each monthly period, which need not be a calendar month, or other regular period agreed upon by the seller and the buyer, in which there is any unpaid balance thereunder, which shall recite the following: (a) The unpaid balance under the revolving charge agreement at the beginning and end of the period; (b) unless otherwise furnished by the seller to the buyer by sales slip, memorandum, or otherwise, a description or identification of the goods or services purchased, the cash price, and the date of each purchase; (c) the payments made by the buyer to the seller and any other credits to the buyer during the period; (d) the amount of the time-price differential, if any; and (e) a legend to the effect that the buyer may at any time pay the total balance or any portion thereof. The items need not be stated in the sequence or order set forth in this subsection and additional items may be included to explain the computations made in determining the amount to be paid by the buyer. Compliance with the applicable disclosure requirements of the federal regulations which implement the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act shall be deemed compliance with this section.

(2) If the amount owed under a revolving charge agreement has been paid in full and has been inactive for at least twenty-four months, the seller shall mark the revolving charge agreement as closed or paid in full. The seller shall give written notice to the buyer of the closed or paid-in-full status of the revolving charge agreement within forty-five days after the seller has so marked the revolving charge agreement.