Nebraska Revised Statute 45-191.02


Loan brokers; filings with department required; filing fees.

(1) Before advertising or making any oral or written representation or acting as a loan broker in this state a loan broker shall file with the department one copy of the disclosure statement and one copy of any loan brokerage agreement.

(2) The loan broker shall renew these filings no less than annually and shall also file any amendment to the disclosure statement within forty-five days after any material change in information required to be disclosed in the disclosure statement.

(3) The loan broker shall pay a one-hundred-fifty-dollar filing fee upon filing the initial disclosure statement and a one-hundred-dollar filing fee upon the filing of a renewal of the disclosure statement. The loan broker shall pay a fifty-dollar filing fee for each amendment filed. All funds collected by the department under this section shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the Securities Act Cash Fund.

(4) The information contained or filed under this section may be made available to the public under such rules and regulations as the department may prescribe.