Nebraska Revised Statute 8-2311


Out-of-state trust company without instate branch trust office; representative trust offices; requirements; procedure.

(1) An out-of-state trust company, in order to establish and maintain representative trust offices in Nebraska pursuant to section 8-2310, shall file written notice of the proposed transaction with the director on a form prescribed by the director. The notice shall include, in addition to the information and fee prescribed in subsection (1) of section 8-2309:

(a) Satisfactory evidence that the out-of-state trust company is a trust company;

(b) Satisfactory evidence of compliance with any applicable requirements of the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act;

(c) An affidavit from its president stating that for as long as it maintains a representative trust office in this state the trust company will comply with Nebraska law; and

(d) Submission of a fidelity bond in accordance with section 8-205.01. Submission of a rider to an existing bond indicating that the required coverage is outstanding and evidencing the beneficiaries described in section 8-205.01 shall satisfy the requirements of this subdivision. The bond or a substitute bond shall remain in effect during all periods in which the trust company conducts business in Nebraska.

(2) The director shall act within ninety days after receipt of notice under subsection (1) of this section. The director may extend the ninety-day period if he or she determines that the notice raises issues that require additional information or additional time for analysis. If the ninety-day period is extended, the out-of-state trust company may establish representative trust offices only on prior written approval of the director.

(3) The director may deny approval of the proposed representative trust office if he or she finds that the trust company lacks sufficient financial resources to establish the representative trust office without adversely affecting its safety or soundness, that the trust company does not have adequate fidelity bond coverage, or that the proposed representative trust office would not be in the public interest.

(4) If the director does not extend the ninety-day period pursuant to subsection (2) of this section and does not act within ninety days, the out-of-state trust company may, upon compliance with sections 8-209 and 8-210, establish representative trust offices on the ninety-first day following the director's receipt of notice.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act, see section 21-201.