Nebraska Revised Statute 8-2306


Out-of-state trust company; instate branch trust offices; requirements; procedure.

(1) An out-of-state trust company, in order to establish and maintain branch trust offices in Nebraska pursuant to section 8-2305, shall file written notice of the proposed transaction with the director on a form prescribed by the director on or after the date on which the out-of-state trust company applies to its home state regulator for approval to establish and maintain the branch trust office in this state. The notice shall include a copy of the application made to its home state regulator, a copy of a resolution of its board of directors authorizing the branch trust office, and the filing fee prescribed by section 8-602.

(2) An out-of-state trust company shall provide with the notice satisfactory evidence to the director of compliance with (a) any applicable requirements of the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act and (b) the applicable requirements of its home state regulator for establishing and maintaining a branch trust office.

(3) An out-of-state trust company shall provide with the notice an affidavit from its president stating that for as long as it maintains a branch trust office in this state the trust company will comply with Nebraska law.

(4) An out-of-state trust company shall obtain a fidelity bond in accordance with section 8-205.01. Submission of a rider to an existing bond indicating that the required coverage is outstanding and evidencing the beneficiaries described in section 8-205.01 shall satisfy the requirements of this subsection. The bond or a substitute bond shall remain in effect during all periods in which the trust company conducts business in Nebraska.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act, see section 21-201.