Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1705


Commodity, defined.

(1) Commodity shall mean, except as otherwise specified by the director by rule, regulation, or order:

(a) Any agricultural, grain, or livestock product or byproduct;

(b) Any metal or mineral, including a precious metal;

(c) Any gem or gemstone, whether characterized as precious, semi-precious, or otherwise;

(d) Any fuel, whether liquid, gaseous, or otherwise;

(e) Any foreign currency; and

(f) All other goods, articles, products, or items of any kind.

(2) Commodity shall not include:

(a) A numismatic coin, the fair market value of which is at least fifteen percent higher than the value of the metal it contains;

(b) Real property or any timber, agricultural, or livestock product grown or raised on real property and offered or sold by the owner or lessee of such real property; or

(c) Any work of art offered or sold by art dealers at public auction or offered or sold through a private sale by the owner of such work.