Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1513


Application; contents; approval; considerations; director; powers and duties.

(1) Any bank or thrift institution proposing any acquisition pursuant to section 8-1512 shall file an application with the Department of Banking and Finance for approval to make the acquisition. The application shall contain such information as the Director of Banking and Finance may by regulation require and shall specifically acknowledge the applicant's agreement to be bound by the conditions set forth in section 8-2401. In addition, the application shall designate a resident of this state as the applicant's agent for the service of any paper, notice, or legal process upon the applicant in connection with the matters arising out of the laws of this state and shall be accompanied by the filing fee provided in section 8-602.

(2) In determining whether to approve an acquisition by a bank or thrift institution of any voting stock of a credit card bank located in this state, the director shall consider: (a) The financial and managerial resources of such bank or thrift institution; (b) whether the acquisition may result in undue concentration of resources or substantial lessening of competition; and (c) whether the convenience and benefit to the public outweigh any adverse competitive effects.

(3) Any approval granted to a bank or thrift institution by the director is subject to such reasonable conditions as the director deems necessary and to the director's continuing authority to ascertain such financial institution's compliance with the provisions of the laws of this state and the conditions of approval.

(4) Whenever the director determines after notice and hearing that any bank or thrift institution is not in compliance with the laws of this state or the conditions of approval, the director shall order such bank or thrift institution to divest itself of all stock of the credit card bank acquired pursuant to section 8-1512 and such bank or thrift institution shall be liable for a penalty of ten thousand dollars per day from the date such divestiture is ordered until it is completed.


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