Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1507


Cross-industry acquisition; acquisition and operation as bank subsidiary; when authorized.

Pursuant to section 8-1506, the Department of Banking and Finance may permit cross-industry acquisition of any failing financial institution or permit acquisition and operation of such financial institution as a bank subsidiary by a bank holding company when the department determines the acquisition of any of the financial institutions is necessary because its capital is impaired, it is conducting its business in an unsafe or unauthorized manner, or it is endangering the interests of depositors or savers. If the acquiring institution is a bank, it may continue to operate such financial institution in its original form notwithstanding its denomination as a bank subsidiary. Acquisitions by any financial institution under sections 8-1506 to 8-1510 or section 8-1516 shall be deemed to be of the same nature as an acquisition of a state-chartered bank and shall follow such rules or regulations as may be established by the Director of Banking and Finance for acquisition of state-chartered banks by a bank holding company.