Nebraska Revised Statute 8-1402


Provide records or information; costs.

(1) Any person, party, agency, or organization requesting disclosure of records or information pursuant to section 8-1401 shall pay the costs of providing such records or information unless:

(a) The request for disclosure is made pursuant to subdivision (1)(a) of section 8-1401 and a Nebraska Supreme Court rule provides for the method of payment;

(b) The request for disclosure is made pursuant to subdivision (1)(d) or (1)(e) of section 8-1401;

(c) Otherwise ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction; or

(d) The person making the disclosure waives any or all of the costs.

(2)(a) The requesting person, party, agency, or organization shall pay the actual cost of providing the records or information.

(b) For purposes of this subsection, actual cost means:

(i) Search and processing costs, including the total amount of personnel direct time incurred in locating and retrieving, reproducing, packaging, and preparing records or information for shipment or delivery. Search and processing costs may include the actual cost of extracting information stored by computer in the format in which it is normally produced, based on computer time and necessary supplies;

(ii) Reproduction costs incurred in making copies of records or information requested. The rate for reproduction costs for making copies of requested records or information shall be the usual rate charged by the person making the disclosure to its customers for reproducing copies, including copies produced by reader-printer reproduction processes. Photographs, films, and other materials shall be reimbursed at actual cost; and

(iii) Transportation costs, including transport of personnel to locate and retrieve the records or information requested and including all other reasonably necessary costs to convey the records or information.

(3) No person authorized to receive payment pursuant to subsection (1) of this section has an obligation to provide any records or information pursuant to section 8-1401 until assurances are received that the costs due under this section will be paid, except for requests made pursuant to subdivisions (1)(d), (1)(e), (1)(f), and (1)(g) of section 8-1401.