Nebraska Revised Statute 8-383


State associations; consolidation or merger; procedure; proposed plan; approval; department; powers.

When any savings and loan association or building and loan association organized under the laws of this state shall, by its duly qualified officers and board of directors, propose to consolidate or merge with any other savings and loan association or building and loan association or associations, each such association shall present the proposed plan of consolidation or merger, together with a statement of the condition of the affairs of such association to the department for its approval. Should the plan be approved by the department, the same shall be submitted to a regular or special meeting of the shareholders of each such association and notice of such meeting shall be given as the department may direct. If, at such meeting of the shareholders of any such association, not less than fifty-one percent of the shareholders vote affirmatively, either in person or by proxy, to adopt the proposed plan, as the same is approved and submitted by the department, the department shall, upon notice of the favorable result of the shareholders' meeting, direct each of such associations to put into effect the plan of consolidation or merger so approved. Such plan shall be in force and effect from and after the date of such order, except that such consolidation or merger shall not be approved and put into effect unless approved by a majority of those voting on the consolidation or merger. There is hereby vested in the department full power and authority to issue and enforce such orders having to do with carrying out the plan of consolidation or merger adopted as shall be necessary for the protection of the shareholders and distribution of the assets of the associations involved in the consolidation or merger.


  • Laws 1981, LB 500, § 28.