Nebraska Revised Statute 8-348


State association; conversion into federal association; transfer of supervision; status of property owned; continuation of association.

At the time when such conversion becomes effective as provided in section 8-347, such association shall cease to be supervised by this state and all of the property of such association, including all of its right, title and interest in and to all property of every kind and character whether real, personal or mixed, shall immediately by operation of law and without any conveyance or transfer whatsoever and without any further act or deed, continue to be vested in said association under its new name and style as a federal savings and loan association and under its new jurisdiction. Said federal savings and loan association shall have, hold and enjoy the same in its own right as fully and to the same extent as the same was possessed, held and enjoyed by it as a state association, and said federal savings and loan association at the time of the taking effect of such conversion shall continue responsible for all of the obligations of said state association to the same extent as though said conversion had not taken place. It is hereby expressly declared that the said federal savings and loan association shall be merely a continuation of the said state association under a new name and new jurisdiction and such revision of its corporate structure as may be considered necessary for its proper operation under said new jurisdiction.


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