Nebraska Revised Statute 8-338


Voluntary liquidation; disposition of payments, other property; duty of Department of Banking and Finance.

If at the special meeting of the shareholders they shall vote to go into voluntary liquidation or to otherwise close up or discontinue the business of such association, the Department of Banking and Finance shall return to the shareholders all monthly payments and other payments on subscriptions for stock received and receipted for by it, and which became due and payable after the date of taking possession. All books, papers and effects of every description in its hands, belonging to such association not so returnable, shall be turned over and delivered to the person or persons entitled thereto.


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  • Borrowing member is entitled to pro rata dividend on shares after assets reduced to money and debts paid. Saunders v. State Savings & Loan Assn., 121 Neb. 473, 237 N.W. 572 (1931).