Nebraska Revised Statute 8-332


Annual statement; publication; special reports; violation; penalty.

Every such association shall, at the close of business on June 30 of each year and at such other times as required by the Department of Banking and Finance, file in the office of the department, within thirty days after the receipt of a request for a requisition therefor, a statement verified by the oath of its president or secretary and approved by three of its directors in such form as may be prescribed by the department, setting forth its actual financial condition and the amount of its assets and liabilities and furnishing such other information as to its affairs as the department may require. A copy of such annual statement shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation, in the county where such association is located, three consecutive times, and due proof of such publication, by affidavit, shall be filed with the department. The department may call for special reports from any such association whenever in its judgment such reports may be necessary or advisable, but no other or further notice or statement of the amount of the existing debts of such corporation shall be required to be published than that on June 30. Any association failing to comply with this section shall pay to the department fifty dollars for each day such noncompliance continues unless the department extends the filing deadlines for such reports and proofs of publication.


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  • A false entry under this section is one that is knowingly made with intent to deceive examiner, and an incorrect entry made to correct a mistake in bookkeeping and to make account more nearly speak the truth is not made criminal. Fricke v. State, 112 Neb. 767, 201 N.W. 667 (1924).