Nebraska Revised Statute 8-326


Reserve fund; requirements; replenishment; increase; reduction; division for federal tax purposes; special increase; approval by department.

Every association organized under the laws of this state for the purposes set forth in section 8-302, except such associations as are conducted upon the serial plan and in which the various series are operated wholly separate and distinct from each other, shall provide a reserve fund for the payment of contingent losses, by setting aside at least five percent of the net earnings for each year to such fund until it reaches at least five percent of the total assets of the association exclusive of cash on hand. Any credit to a reserve account required by any federal agency shall be considered to apply to the reserve fund requirement of this section.

All losses shall be paid out of such fund until the same is exhausted, and whenever the amount in the fund falls below five percent of the total assets, it shall be replenished by annual appropriations of at least five percent of the net earnings until it again reaches the amount. The board of directors shall have power to increase the reserve above five percent, but not to exceed twelve percent, if determined that it is to the best interest of the association and its shareholders. An association may establish such other and additional undivided profits accounts or special reserves as may be ordered by its board of directors. The board of directors may, for federal tax purposes, divide the reserve fund, surplus account, and undivided profits account, in accordance with the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and regulations adopted pursuant thereto. If, in the opinion of a majority of the board of directors of any such association, a reserve fund of twelve percent is insufficient at any time to cover the probable losses among the assets, or if for other good and sufficient reason they determine it to be for the best interests of the association and its shareholders that the reserve fund be maintained or increased, they shall have power to maintain or increase the fund from the net earnings to an amount not greater than the sum of such probable losses or greater than sufficient to best serve the interest of the association and its shareholders as by them determined. Such special increase of the reserve fund shall first be approved by the Department of Banking and Finance, and if, in the opinion of the department after an examination, such special increase of the reserve fund is deemed necessary or advisable for the protection of stockholders, the department may order such reserve fund increased in like manner and within the same limits as aforesaid. Such reserve fund may at any time, with the consent of the department, be reduced to not less than five percent of the assets.


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