Nebraska Revised Statute 8-316


Loans; delinquency; required provisions; association's rights; computation of balance due.

The bylaws shall further provide that if any member has become delinquent in his payment on any shares pledged for the security of any loan from the association, which delinquency shall include delinquent real estate taxes both regular or special irrespective of whether paid by the association and charged to principal or unpaid and a prior lien on the property, and such delinquency represents more than two monthly payments, such shares may be canceled, and he shall, as to such shares, cease to be a member of the association, and the withdrawal value, if any, of such shares at the date of cancellation, shall be credited on his loan. If, after the aforesaid credits, or other credits, a balance remains due the association on account of said loan, it may recover the balance either by the foreclosure and sale of the security given or by an action at law upon the evidence of indebtedness. The withdrawal value of shares pledged as a part of a loan transaction, where such loan is secured by mortgage on real estate, shall be the total amount of the payments on such shares as shown by the books of the association, together with such proportionate share of earnings as the borrower may be entitled to under the bylaws of the association, less the amounts of previous appropriations and applications on the loan and withdrawals, if any.


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  • Receiver of insolvent association can recover from member amount loaned, with interest at legal rate, less amount paid on interest and premium, with interest from date of the several payments. Anselme v. American S. & L. Assn., 63 Neb. 525, 88 N.W. 665 (1902).

  • Mortgage stipulating that borrower should receive credits for withdrawal value of shares in case of foreclosure, gives right to have same fixed and credited according to contract. Equitable B. & L. Assn. v. Bidwell, 60 Neb. 169, 82 N.W. 384 (1900).