Nebraska Revised Statute 8-211


Pledge of securities with Department of Banking and Finance; certificate of compliance; effect on obligation to furnish bond as fiduciary.

The required pledges having been made, the Department of Banking and Finance shall issue a receipt and a certificate showing that the trust company has complied with the Nebraska Trust Company Act. Having thus qualified, the trust company may be permitted to act as assignee, receiver, trustee, either by appointment of court or under will, or depository of money in court without bond. Upon presentation of the certificate that the trust company has complied with the act and has made a pledge as provided in section 8-209, the court or other officer charged with the duty of making such appointment or of approving bonds may, in his or her discretion, make the appointment and permit the trust company to qualify without bond or require such bond as is required from natural persons.


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  • The fact that trust company has given general bond does not prevent county court from requiring another bond as testamentary trustee. In re Estate of Grainger, 151 Neb. 555, 38 N.W.2d 435 (1949).