Nebraska Revised Statute 90-538

Chapter 90 Section 538


Cash Funds.


The receipts for FY2011-12 and FY2012-13 inuring to the several Cash Funds, together with any amounts held in account by the State Treasurer on June 30, 2011, are hereby credited to each of the funds respectively.

Expenditure of Cash Funds appropriated in this act shall be limited to the amount shown by program except when specific exceptions are made. The amounts appropriated in this act include the following funds:

(1) Legislative Council: Nebraska Legislative Shared Information System Cash Fund, Donations/Contributions Cash Fund, Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund;

(2) Supreme Court: Supreme Court Reports Cash Fund, Probation Program Cash Fund, Probation Cash Fund, State Probation Contractual Services Cash Fund, Dispute Resolution Cash Fund, Counsel for Discipline Cash Fund, Supreme Court Education Fund, Supreme Court Automation Cash Fund, Parenting Act Fund;

(3) Governor: Governor's Policy Research Cash Fund;

(4) Secretary of State: Nebraska Collection Agency Fund, Records Management Cash Fund, Secretary of State Administration Cash Fund, Uniform Commercial Code Cash Fund, Corporation Cash Fund, Election Administration Fund;

(5) Auditor of Public Accounts: Cooperative Audit Cash Fund;

(6) Attorney General: Motor Vehicle Fraud Cash Fund, Department of Justice Natural Resources Enforcement Fund, State Settlement Cash Fund, Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund, State DNA Sample and Data Base Fund, State Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Cash Fund;

(7) State Treasurer: State Treasurer Administrative Fund, Unclaimed Property Cash Fund, Mutual Finance Assistance Fund, College Savings Plan Administrative Fund, College Savings Plan Expense Fund, Convention Center Support Fund, State Disbursement Unit Cash Fund, Treasury Management Cash Fund, Sports Arena Facility Support Fund;

(8) State Department of Education: State Department of Education Cash Fund, Certification Fund, Professional Practices Commission Fund, Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Fund, Education Innovation Fund, School Technology Fund, Tuition Recovery Cash Fund, Private Postsecondary Career Schools Cash Fund, Excellence in Teaching Cash Fund, School District Reorganization Fund;

(9) Public Service Commission: Nebraska Grain Warehouse Surveillance Cash Fund, Nebraska Telecommunications Relay System Fund, Public Service Commission Housing and Recreational Vehicle Cash Fund, Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund, Nebraska Internet Enhancement Fund, Nebraska Competitive Telephone Marketplace Fund, Enhanced Wireless 911 Fund, Moisture Testing Examination Fund, Grain Warehouse Auditing Fund, Municipal Rate Negotiations Revolving Loan Fund, Public Service Commission Pipeline Regulation Fund;

(10) Department of Revenue: Department of Revenue Enforcement Fund, State Lottery Operation Cash Fund, Marijuana and Controlled Substances Tax Administration Cash Fund, Department of Revenue Contractor Enforcement Fund, Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Fees Collection Fund, Petroleum Release Remedial Action Collection Fund, Litter Fee Collection Fund, Severance Tax Administration Fund, Department of Revenue Miscellaneous Receipts Fund, Charitable Gaming Operations Fund, Tobacco Products Administration Cash Fund, Nebraska Incentives Fund, Motor Fuel Tax Enforcement and Collection Cash Fund, Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund, State Athletic Commissioner's Cash Fund, Department of Revenue Property Assessment Division Cash Fund, Property Tax Credit Cash Fund, Energy Conservation Improvement Fund, Nebraska Advantage Transformational Tourism and Redevelopment Act Cash Fund;

(11) Department of Aeronautics: Department of Aeronautics Cash Fund;

(12) Department of Agriculture: Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners Administrative Fund, Commercial Feed Administration Cash Fund, Pure Milk Cash Fund, Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory Cash Fund, Livestock Auction Market Fund, Nebraska Potato Development Fund, Graded Egg Fund, Weights and Measures Administrative Fund, Nebraska Poultry and Egg Development, Utilization, and Marketing Fund, Agricultural Products Marketing Information Cash Fund, Manufacturing Milk Cash Fund, Pure Food Cash Fund, Nebraska Agricultural Products Marketing Cash Fund, State Apiary Cash Fund, Pseudorabies Control Cash Fund, Weed Book Cash Fund, Pesticide Administrative Cash Fund, Nebraska Seed Administrative Cash Fund, Plant Protection and Plant Pest Cash Fund, Tractor Permit Cash Fund, Nebraska Origin and Premium Quality Grain Cash Fund, Animal Damage Control Cash Fund, Noxious Weed Cash Fund, Buffer Strip Incentive Fund, Winery and Grape Producers Promotional Fund, Commercial Dog and Cat Operator Inspection Program Cash Fund, Domesticated Cervine Animal Cash Fund, Anthrax Control Act Cash Fund;

(13) Department of Banking and Finance: Financial Institution Assessment Cash Fund, Securities Act Cash Fund, Banking Settlement Cash Fund;

(14) State Fire Marshal: Nebraska Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Cash Fund, State Fire Marshal Cash Fund, Underground Storage Tank Fund, Training Division Cash Fund, Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Fund;

(15) Department of Insurance: Department of Insurance Cash Fund;

(16) Department of Labor: Employment Security Special Contingent Fund, Farm Labor Contractors Fund, Contractor Registration Cash Fund, Boiler Inspection Cash Fund, Mechanical Safety Inspection Fund, Professional Employer Organization Cash Fund;

(17) Department of Motor Vehicles: Motor Carrier Division Cash Fund, Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund, License Plate Cash Fund, Motorcycle Safety Education Fund;

(18) Department of Health and Human Services: Health and Human Services Cash Fund, Veterans' Home Building Fund, Institution Cash Fund, Small Business Enterprises Cash Fund, School District Reimbursement Fund, Compulsive Gamblers Assistance Fund, Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Fund, Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund, Children's Health Insurance Cash Fund, Childhood Care Cash Fund, University of Nebraska Medical Center Medical Education Revolving Fund, Behavioral Health Services Fund, Health and Human Services Reimbursement Fund, Professional and Occupational Credentialing Cash Fund, Rural Health Professional Incentive Fund, Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness and Education Fund, Tobacco Prevention and Control Cash Fund, Stem Cell Research Cash Fund;

(19) Department of Roads: Highway Cash Fund, Grade Crossing Protection Fund, State Recreation Road Fund, Roads Operations Cash Fund, Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact Cash Fund, Light-Density Rail Line Assistance Cash Fund;

(20) Department of Veterans' Affairs: Veteran Cemetery Construction Fund, Nebraska Veteran Cemetery System Operation Fund;

(21) Department of Natural Resources: Water Resources Cash Fund, Republican River Basin Water Sustainability Task Force Cash Fund, Small Watersheds Flood Control Fund, Nebraska Resources Development Fund, Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Fund, Natural Resources Water Quality Fund, Water Well Decommissioning Fund, Carbon Sequestration Assessment Cash Fund, Water Resources Trust Fund, Department of Natural Resources Cash Fund;

(22) State Electrical Board: Electrical Division Fund;

(23) Military Department: Military Department Cash Fund, Governor's Emergency Cash Fund, Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Cash Fund, Nebraska Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Cash Fund, Joint Operations Center Cash Fund;

(24) Board of Educational Lands and Funds: Surveyors' Cash Fund, Board of Educational Lands and Funds Cash Fund, Survey Record Repository Fund;

(25) Game and Parks Commission: State Game Fund, State Park Cash Revolving Fund, Nebraska Habitat Fund, Nebraska Aquatic Habitat Fund, Nebraska Snowmobile Trail Cash Fund, Nebraska Outdoor Recreation Development Cash Fund, Wildlife Conservation Fund, Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund, Cowboy Trail Fund, Game Law Investigation Cash Fund, Niobrara Council Fund, Nebraska Environmental Endowment Fund, Ferguson House Fund;

(26) Nebraska Library Commission: Nebraska Library Commission Cash Fund;

(27) Nebraska Liquor Control Commission: Nebraska Liquor Control Commission Rule and Regulation Cash Fund;

(28) State Racing Commission: Racing Commission's Cash Fund, Track Distribution Fund;

(29) Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court: Compensation Court Cash Fund;

(30) Nebraska Brand Committee: Nebraska Brand Inspection and Theft Prevention Fund;

(31) Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board: Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Fund;

(32) State Real Estate Commission: State Real Estate Commission's Fund;

(33) Board of Barber Examiners: Board of Barber Examiners Fund;

(34) Department of Correctional Services: Department of Correctional Services Facility Cash Fund, Parole Program Cash Fund, Reentry Cash Fund;

(35) Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Commission: State Educational Telecommunications Fund, NEB*SAT Cash Fund;

(36) Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education: Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education Cash Fund, Nebraska Opportunity Grant Fund;

(37) Nebraska State Colleges: Chadron Cash Fund, Peru Cash Fund, Wayne Cash Fund, Chadron State College Designated Cash Fund, Peru State College Designated Cash Fund, Wayne State College Designated Cash Fund, Board of Trustees Cash Fund;

(38) University of Nebraska: University Cash Fund, Temporary University Fund, University of Nebraska at Omaha Cash Fund, University of Nebraska Medical Center Cash Fund, University of Nebraska at Kearney Cash Fund, University of Nebraska Central Administration Designated Cash Fund, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Designated Cash Fund, University of Nebraska at Omaha Designated Cash Fund, University of Nebraska Medical Center Designated Cash Fund, University of Nebraska at Kearney Designated Cash Fund;

(39) Nebraska State Fair Board: Antique Farm Machinery and Equipment Fund;

(40) Real Property Appraiser Board: Real Property Appraiser Fund;

(41) Nebraska State Historical Society: Historical Society Fund, Historical Landmark Cash Fund;

(42) Nebraska Wheat Development, Utilization, and Marketing Board: Nebraska Wheat Development, Utilization, and Marketing Fund;

(43) Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission: Oil and Gas Conservation Fund;

(44) Board of Engineers and Architects: Engineers and Architects Regulation Fund;

(45) Board of Geologists: Geologists Regulation Fund;

(46) Nebraska Ethanol Board: Agricultural Alcohol Fuel Tax Fund, Ethanol Production Incentive Cash Fund;

(47) Nebraska Dairy Industry Development Board: Nebraska Dairy Industry Development Fund;

(48) State Board of Examiners for Land Surveyors: Land Surveyor Examiner's Fund;

(49) Nebraska State Board of Public Accountancy: Certified Public Accountants Fund;

(50) Nebraska State Patrol: Nebraska State Patrol Cash Fund, Investigation Petty Cash Fund, Carrier Enforcement Cash Fund, Nebraska State Patrol Drug Control and Education Cash Fund, Public Safety Cash Fund, Nebraska State Patrol Vehicle Replacement Cash Fund, Nebraska Public Safety Communication System Cash Fund;

(51) Department of Administrative Services: Building Renewal Allocation Fund, State Building Renewal Assessment Fund, University Building Renewal Assessment Fund, State College Building Renewal Assessment Fund, Capitol Restoration Cash Fund, Vacant Building and Excess Land Cash Fund, Resource Recovery Fund, Tort Claims Fund, Information Technology Infrastructure Fund, Health and Life Benefit Administration Cash Fund, City of the Primary Class Development Fund, City of the Metropolitan Class Development Fund, World Day on the Mall Cash Fund;

(52) Abstracters Board of Examiners: Abstracters Board of Examiners Cash Fund;

(53) Commission on Latino-Americans: Hispanic Awareness Cash Fund, Commission on Latino-Americans Cash Fund;

(54) Nebraska Arts Council: Nebraska Arts Council Cash Fund, Nebraska Arts and Humanities Cash Fund;

(55) State Foster Care Review Board: Foster Care Review Board Cash Fund;

(56) Foster Care Review Office: Foster Care Review Office Cash Fund;

(57) Nebraska Energy Office: School Weatherization Fund, State Energy Office Cash Fund;

(58) Department of Economic Development: Nebraska Agricultural Products Research Fund, Aerospace Museum Cash Fund, Job Training Cash Fund, Administrative Cash Fund, Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Comprehensive Housing Strategy Cash Fund, Economic Development Cash Fund, Civic and Community Center Financing Fund;

(59) State Board of Landscape Architects: State Board of Landscape Architects Cash Fund;

(60) Nebraska Power Review Board: Nebraska Power Review Fund;

(61) Nebraska Investment Council: State Investment Officer's Cash Fund;

(62) Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice: Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center Cash Fund, Law Enforcement Improvement Fund, Victim's Compensation Fund, Community Corrections Uniform Data Analysis Cash Fund, Violence Prevention Cash Fund, Nebraska Crime Victim Fund;

(63) Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired Cash Fund;

(64) Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fund;

(65) Department of Environmental Quality: Integrated Solid Waste Management Cash Fund, Nebraska Litter Reduction and Recycling Fund, Department of Environmental Quality Cash Fund, Chemigation Costs Fund, Low-Level Radioactive Waste Cash Fund, Petroleum Products and Hazardous Substances Storage and Handling Fund, Petroleum Release Remedial Action Cash Fund, Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification Cash Fund, Local Site Selection Cash Fund, Local Monitoring Committee Cash Fund, Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Fund, Wastewater Treatment Facilities Construction Loan Fund, Remedial Action Plan Monitoring Fund, Livestock Waste Management Cash Fund, Drinking Water Administration Fund, Clean Air Title V Cash Fund, Air Quality Permit Cash Fund, Superfund Cost Share Cash Fund, Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Certification and Registration Cash Fund, Solid Waste Landfill Closure Assistance Fund;

(66) Public Employees Retirement Board: School Expense Fund, Judges Expense Fund, State Patrol Expense Fund, Deferred Compensation Expense Fund, State Employees Retirement System Expense Fund, County Employees Retirement System Expense Fund, State Employer Retirement Expense Fund, County Employer Retirement Expense Fund, State Cash Balance Expense Fund, County Cash Balance Expense Fund;

(67) Dry Bean Commission: Dry Bean Development, Utilization, Promotion, and Education Fund;

(68) Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission: Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission Cash Fund, Campaign Finance Limitation Cash Fund;

(69) Corn Development, Utilization, and Marketing Board: Nebraska Corn Development, Utilization, and Marketing Fund;

(70) Community College Aid: Nebraska Community College Aid Cash Fund;

(71) Nebraska Tourism Commission: State Visitors Promotion Cash Fund;

(72) Grain Sorghum Development, Utilization, and Marketing Board: Grain Sorghum Development, Utilization, and Marketing Fund;

(73) Tax Equalization and Review Commission: Tax Equalization and Review Commission Cash Fund;

(74) Commission on Public Advocacy: Commission on Public Advocacy Operations Cash Fund, Legal Aid and Services Fund, Civil Legal Services Fund; and

(75) Commission on Indian Affairs: Designated Collection Fund.