Nebraska Revised Statute 90-267

Chapter 90


Nebraska Army National Guard complex; sale of property authorized.

(1) Notwithstanding sections 72-811 to 72-818 or any other provision of law, the State Building Administrator or his or her designee, in consultation with the Adjutant General, is authorized to sell land and six buildings located at 1300 Military Road, 1234 Military Road, 1237 Military Road, Cold Storage Building, and the Engagement Skills Trainer in Lincoln, Nebraska, by such method as is to the best advantage of the State of Nebraska, including auction, sealed bid, or public sale, and if necessary, by private sale, but in all situations only after notice of the property sale is publicly advertised on at least two separate occasions in the newspaper with the largest circulation in Lancaster County and not less than thirty days prior to the sale of the property. The properties are all in the Nebraska Army National Guard complex along Military Road between 10th Street and 14th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. The tracts include Tracts A, B, C, and D. The larger tracts have been split to provide a general legal description for each of the six parcels. The following of the subject properties are in Tract A and legally described as follows:

(a) TAG. The southeast part of Tract A in the area of the TAG Building, the lot would then extend northwest into the north part of Lot A. The site would generally include the south 200 feet of the east 300 feet of Tract A plus a tract about 100 feet in width that extends north from the west part of the 300 feet. The total size is estimated to be 82,764 square feet;

(b) NEMA. This tract is the northeast part of Tract A extending north along 14th Street from the TAG tract to the north property line. It would include the east 200 feet of Tract A except the south 200 feet. The total size is estimated to be 80,150 square feet; and

(c) USPFO. This is the remainder of Tract A. It is generally the west 368 feet of Tract A extending from Military Road north of Salt Creek but excluding the part owned by the State of Nebraska and leased to the city of Lincoln. The total size is estimated to be 3.74 acres or 162,914 square feet.

(2) The other three tracts are located in the east 300-plus feet of Tract B. Such tracts are located south of Military Road, and the east line of the tracts is about 160 feet west of 14th Street. The tracts have a depth of about 352 feet. These properties are legally described as follows:

(a) DCSIM Building. Generally the east 178 feet of the south 196 feet of the tracts;

(b) Trainer Building. Generally the west 192 feet of the north 156 feet of the tracts and including an easement drive to the DCSIM Tract; and

(c) Cold Storage Building. Generally the east 122 feet of the tracts.

(3) The land and buildings described in this section may be sold either as a combined package or in such individual parcels as mutually agreed upon by the State Building Administrator and the Adjutant General.

(4) This section terminates on July 1, 2015.