Nebraska Revised Statute 90-243

Chapter 90 Section 243


Department of Correctional Services; convey described property.

The Department of Correctional Services is authorized by the Legislature to convey to the county of Lancaster, Nebraska, a temporary easement for channel relocation and cleanout on the real estate legally described as follows: An irregular tract of land consisting of twenty-four hundredths of an acre, more or less, situated in the north half of the southeast quarter of section 10, township 9 north, range 6 east of the sixth principal meridian, Lancaster County, Nebraska, situated immediately to the west of the real estate described in section 90-242. The temporary easement shall last for the duration of the contract existing between Lancaster County and the Department of Correctional Services governing channel relocation and cleanout of the described real estate.


  • Laws 1985, LB 265, § 2.