Nebraska Revised Statute 90-214

Chapter 90


Game and Parks Commission; Stolley State Recreation Area; convey to city of Grand Island and county of Hall; reverter.

The Game and Parks Commission is authorized and directed to convey to the city of Grand Island and to the county of Hall, such city and county acting jointly, or to either the city of Grand Island or the county of Hall, acting separately, for public park purposes the following described real estate now known as Stolley State Recreation Area situated in the county of Hall, in the State of Nebraska, to wit: Commencing at a point on the north line of section 28, township 11 north, range 9 west of the sixth principal meridian, five hundred forty-four and seven-tenths feet east of the northwest corner of said section 28, and running thence west along the north line of said section 28 and section 29, in the same town and range, one thousand eight hundred seventy and seven-tenths feet; thence south one thousand twelve and five-tenths feet; thence east, parallel with the north line of said sections 28 and 29, one thousand eight hundred thirty-four and five-tenths feet; thence north nine hundred twelve and three-tenths feet to a stake, thence northeasterly sixty-three and two-tenths feet to a stake; thence north forty-three and eight-tenths feet to the place of beginning, and containing forty-two and eighty-three hundredths acres, a little more or less; Provided, that should the city of Grand Island and the county of Hall, such city and county acting jointly or separately, cease to operate the lands conveyed as a public park and recreation area, title to said lands shall revert to the Game and Parks Commission.


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  • C.S.Supp.,1974, § 81-815.47.