Nebraska Revised Statute 9-635

Chapter 9


Manufacturer-distributor; lottery equipment; approval required; costs of examination.

(1) Each manufacturer-distributor shall receive departmental approval of lottery equipment prior to offering or marketing in this state any type of lottery equipment for use in a lottery conducted pursuant to the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act. Approval by the department shall be based upon, but not be limited to, conformance with the provisions of the act and any other specifications imposed by rule or regulation adopted and promulgated pursuant to the act.

(2) Lottery equipment shall not be submitted for approval by the department until the manufacturer-distributor has obtained a license as required in section 9-632.

(3) The department may require a manufacturer-distributor seeking approval of any lottery equipment to pay the anticipated actual costs of the examination of the equipment by the department. If required, such costs shall be paid in advance by the manufacturer-distributor. After completion of the examination, the department shall refund overpayments or charge and collect amounts sufficient to reimburse the department for underpayments of actual costs.

(4) Lottery equipment which does not conform in all respects to the requirements of the act and any other specifications imposed by the department by rule and regulation shall be contraband goods for purposes of section 9-649.


  • Laws 1989, LB 767, § 75.