Nebraska Revised Statute 9-626

Chapter 9


Continuation of lottery; election; form; restrictions.

(1) A governing board of a county, city, or village may submit to the registered voters of such county, city, or village the question whether an existing lottery should be continued. The question may be submitted at a regular election or a special election called by the governing board of the county, city, or village for such purpose.

(2) The question shall be submitted in substantially the following form:

Shall the (county, city, or village) of (here insert the name of the county, city, or village) continue operating a lottery pursuant to the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act?

...... For continued operation of lottery

...... Against continued operation of lottery

(3) A majority of the voters voting on the issue shall determine such issue. The vote shall be binding on the affected county, city, or village, and if the majority vote is to discontinue the lottery, such county, city, or village shall discontinue the lottery within sixty days of the certification of the election results.

(4) An election pursuant to this section shall not be held within two years of the election authorized under section 9-625 and shall not be held more often than once every two years.

(5) An election held by a county, city, or village pursuant to section 9-625 shall not be held within two years of an election authorized under this section and section 9-627 if such election results in the discontinuation of the lottery in the county, city, or village.


  • Laws 1989, LB 767, § 66.