Nebraska Revised Statute 9-504

Chapter 9


Charitable or community betterment purposes, defined.

(1) Charitable or community betterment purposes shall mean (a) benefiting persons by enhancing their opportunity for religious or educational advancement, by relieving or protecting them from disease, suffering, or distress, by contributing to their physical well-being, by assisting them in establishing themselves in life as worthy and useful citizens, or by increasing their comprehension of and devotion to the principles upon which this nation was founded, (b) initiating, performing, or fostering worthy public works or enabling or furthering the erection or maintenance of public structures, and (c) lessening the burdens borne by government or voluntarily supporting, augmenting, or supplementing services which government would normally render to the people.

(2) Charitable or community betterment purposes shall not include any activity consisting of an attempt to influence legislation or participate in any political campaign on behalf of any elected official or person who is or has been a candidate for public office.

(3) Nothing in this section shall prohibit any qualifying nonprofit organization from using its proceeds or profits derived from activities under the Nebraska Small Lottery and Raffle Act in any activity which benefits and is conducted by the qualifying nonprofit organization, including any charitable, benevolent, humane, religious, philanthropic, recreational, social, educational, civic, or fraternal activity conducted by the organization for the benefit of its members.