Nebraska Revised Statute 9-436

Chapter 9


Civil action; relief permitted.

In any civil action commenced pursuant to section 9-435, a court may allow:

(1) A temporary restraining order or injunction, with or without a bond as the court may direct, prohibiting a party to the action from continuing or engaging in such conduct, aiding in such conduct, or doing any act in furtherance of such conduct;

(2) A declaration that the conduct by a licensed organization or employee or agent of a licensed organization, which is a party to the action, constitutes a violation of the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act and a determination of the number and times of violations for certification to the department for appropriate license or permit revocation purposes;

(3) A permanent injunction under principles of equity and on reasonable terms;

(4) An accounting of the profits, earnings, or gains resulting directly and indirectly from such violations, with restitution or a distribution of such profits, earnings, or gains to all licensed organizations existing at the time of such violations which apply to the court and show that they suffered monetary losses by reason of such violations and with distribution of any remaining profits, earnings, or gains to the state; and

(5) Reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.