Nebraska Revised Statute 9-426

Chapter 9


Special permit to conduct raffle and lottery; fee.

(1) A licensed organization may obtain from the department a special permit to conduct one raffle and one lottery. The cost of the special permit shall be ten dollars. The special permit shall exempt the licensed organization from subsections (2) and (3) of section 9-427 and from section 9-430. The organization shall comply with all other requirements of the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act.

(2) The special permit shall be valid for three calendar months and shall be issued by the department upon the proper application by the licensed organization. The special permit shall become invalid upon termination, revocation, or cancellation of the organization's license to conduct a lottery or raffle. The application shall be in such form and contain such information as the department may prescribe. No licensed organization may obtain more than one special permit for each twelve-month period commencing October 1 of each year or such other date as the department may prescribe by rule and regulation.

(3) No licensed organization conducting a raffle or lottery pursuant to a special permit shall pay persons selling tickets or stubs for the raffle or lottery, except that nothing in this subsection shall prohibit the awarding of prizes to such persons based on ticket or stub sales.