Nebraska Revised Statute 9-344

Chapter 9


Distributor; taxation; deficiencies.

(1) Accompanying the monthly reports required in section 9-343, the distributor shall remit to the department a tax equal to ten percent of the definite profit of each pickle card unit sold by the distributor. Such tax shall be remitted with and reported on a form prescribed by the department on a monthly basis and shall be due and payable within thirty days after each monthly period or by the last day of the month following each monthly period, whichever comes first. The department shall remit the tax to the State Treasurer for credit to the Charitable Gaming Operations Fund. The distributor shall include the tax due under this section in the selling price of units and shall separately state such tax on the invoice. All deficiencies of the tax prescribed in this section shall accrue interest and be subject to a penalty as provided for sales and use taxes in the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967.

(2) Unless otherwise provided in the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act, no occupation tax on any proceeds derived from the conduct of a lottery by the sale of pickle cards shall be levied, assessed, or collected from any licensee under the act by any county, township, district, city, village, or other governmental subdivision or body having power to levy, assess, or collect such tax.

(3) For purposes of proper administration of the tax imposed by this section and to prevent evasion of the tax, it shall be presumed that each pickle card unit sold by a distributor or obtained from a manufacturer and not accounted for by a distributor is subject to the tax until the contrary is established. The burden of proving the contrary shall be upon the distributor.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, see section 77-2701.