Nebraska Revised Statute 9-255.07

Chapter 9


Distributor's license; application; form; contents; renewal; fee; exemption; distributor, spouse, or employee; restrictions on activities.

(1) Any individual, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation which desires to sell, lease, distribute, or otherwise provide bingo equipment in this state to a licensed commercial lessor or a licensed organization for use in a bingo occasion which is regulated by the Nebraska Bingo Act shall first apply for and obtain a distributor's license from the department. Distributors' licenses may be renewed biennially. The expiration date shall be September 30 of every odd-numbered year or such other date as the department may prescribe by rule and regulation. An application for license renewal shall be submitted to the department at least forty-five days prior to the expiration date of the license. An applicant for a distributor's license shall have its principal office located within this state. The license shall be applied for on a form prescribed by the department and shall contain:

(a) The name and home address of the applicant;

(b) If the applicant is an individual, the applicant's social security number;

(c) The address and legal description of each location where the applicant stores or distributes bingo equipment;

(d) A sworn statement by the applicant or appropriate officer of the applicant that the applicant will comply with all provisions of the act and all rules and regulations adopted pursuant to the act; and

(e) Any other information which the department deems necessary.

(2) The information required by this section shall be kept current. The distributor shall notify the department within thirty days of any changes to the information contained on or with the application.

(3) The application shall be accompanied by a biennial license fee of three thousand fifty dollars.

(4) Any person licensed as a distributor pursuant to section 9-330 may act as a distributor pursuant to this section without filing a separate application or submitting the license fee required by this section.

(5) A licensed distributor or person having a substantial interest therein shall not hold any other type of license issued pursuant to Chapter 9 except as provided in sections 9-330 and 9-632.

(6) No distributor or spouse or employee of any distributor shall participate in the conduct or operation of any bingo game or occasion or any other kind of gaming activity which is authorized or regulated under Chapter 9 except to the exclusive extent of his or her statutory duties as a licensed distributor as provided by this section and except as provided in sections 9-330 and 9-632. No distributor or employee or spouse of any distributor shall have a substantial interest in another distributor, a manufacturer, a manufacturer-distributor as defined in section 9-616 other than itself, a licensed organization, or any other licensee regulated under Chapter 9. Membership in a licensed organization shall not be deemed a violation of this section.


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