Nebraska Revised Statute 9-255.02

Chapter 9


Prizes; limitations.

(1) Irrespective of whether a bingo game or a bingo occasion is conducted jointly by two or more licensed organizations, no prize for a single bingo game shall exceed one thousand dollars in value and the aggregate value of all bingo prizes at any bingo occasion shall not exceed four thousand dollars.

(2) A winner shall be determined for each bingo game, and each winner shall be awarded and delivered the prize on the same day that the bingo occasion is conducted.

(3) At least fifty percent of the gross receipts derived from the conduct of bingo shall be awarded in bingo prizes during each quarterly reporting period. The licensed organization shall clearly post at each bingo occasion the percentage of gross receipts paid out in prizes for the last preceding quarter.

(4) In addition to the prizes permitted by subsection (1) of this section, a licensed organization may award promotional prizes in cash or merchandise to players at a bingo occasion if:

(a) No consideration is charged in order to be eligible to win a promotional prize except that given to participate as a player in the bingo occasion;

(b) The total fair market value of all promotional prizes awarded at a bingo occasion does not exceed one hundred dollars in value or, in the case of a limited period bingo, does not exceed two hundred fifty dollars in value;

(c) The winner of any promotional prize is a bingo player who is present at the bingo occasion; and

(d) The winners are determined by an element of chance or some other factor which does not involve any scheme which utilizes any type of pickle card, the game of keno, a scratch-off or rub-off ticket, any promotional game tickets authorized by section 9-701, any non-telecommunication-related, player-activated electronic or electromechanical facsimile of any game of chance, or any slot machine of any kind.

(5) The total fair market value of all promotional prizes awarded at a bingo occasion shall be excluded from determination of the fifty-percent prize payout requirement in subsection (3) of this section.

(6) The licensed organization's cost of promotional prizes permitted by subsection (4) of this section shall not be included in determining compliance with the expense limitation of fourteen percent of bingo gross receipts provided in section 9-255.04.