Nebraska Revised Statute 9-241.02

Chapter 9


Bingo occasion; restrictions; exceptions.

(1) A licensed organization shall not hold more than ten bingo occasions per calendar month nor shall a licensed organization use any premises more than two times per calendar week for the conduct of bingo.

(2) No bingo occasion, except for a limited period bingo or a special event bingo, shall last for longer than six consecutive hours, and no bingo occasion, except for a limited period bingo or special event bingo, shall begin within three hours of the completion of another bingo occasion conducted within the same premises.

(3) Bingo occasions held as part of a limited period bingo shall not be counted in determining whether a licensed organization has complied with subsection (1) of this section.

(4) Nothing in this section or section 9-241.03 shall prohibit the department from approving a request by a licensed organization to reschedule a bingo occasion that was canceled due to an act of God. Such request shall be made in writing by the organization's bingo chairperson at least thirty days prior to the desired reschedule date.


  • Laws 1994, LB 694, § 39.