Nebraska Revised Statute 9-202

Chapter 9


Purpose and intent.

(1) The purpose of the Nebraska Bingo Act is to protect the health and welfare of the public, to protect the economic welfare and interest in the fair play of bingo, to insure that the gross receipts derived from the conduct of bingo are accurately reported in order that their revenue-raising potential be fully exposed, to insure that the profits of bingo are used for lawful purposes, and to prevent the purposes for which the profits of bingo are to be used from being subverted by improper elements. Bingo shall be played and conducted only by those methods permitted by the act or by rules and regulations adopted pursuant to the act. No other form, means of selection, or method of play shall be authorized or permitted.

(2) The purpose of the act is also to completely and fairly regulate each level of the marketing, conducting, and playing of bingo to insure fairness, quality, and compliance with the Constitution of Nebraska. To accomplish such purpose, the regulation and licensure of manufacturers and distributors of bingo equipment, nonprofit organizations, utilization-of-funds members, gaming managers, commercial lessors, and any other person involved in the marketing, conducting, and promoting of bingo are necessary.

(3) The intent of the act is that if facilities or equipment used for bingo occasions regulated by the act are leased or rented pursuant to the act (a) they shall be leased or rented at not more than their fair market value, (b) no lease or rental agreement shall provide a means for providing or obtaining a percentage of the receipts or a portion of the profits from the bingo operation, and (c) rental or lease agreements entered into for facilities shall be separate and apart from lease and rental agreements for bingo equipment.