Nebraska Revised Statute 88-547

Chapter 88


Warehouse; closure; when; commission; powers.

If the commission determines that a shortage of grain exists or that the quality of grain in storage is insufficient to meet the obligations at a warehouse, if a license expires and is not renewed, if a license is surrendered to or canceled or revoked by the commission for violation of any statute or rule or regulation adopted and promulgated by the commission, or if a warehouse is operated without a license, the commission may close the warehouse and do one or more of the following:

(1) Take title to all grain stored in the warehouse at that time in trust for distribution on a pro rata basis to all valid owners, depositors, or storers of grain who are holders of evidence of ownership of grain. No claim of the licensee for grain stored shall be honored until the claims of all other owners, depositors, and storers have been paid in full. Such distribution may be made in grain or in proceeds from the sale of grain. If the commission closes the warehouse and takes title to the grain, such action shall operate as a stay of the commencement or continuation, including the issuance or employment of process, of any judicial, administrative, or other action or proceeding to take title to the grain that was or could have been commenced before such action by the commission;

(2) After notice and hearing (a) determine the value of the shortage and the pro rata loss to each owner, depositor, or storer of grain, (b) require all or part of the warehouse security to be forfeited to the commission, and (c) distribute the security proceeds on such pro rata basis; or

(3) Commence a suit in district court for the benefit of owners, depositors, or storers of grain.

The commission may deposit the proceeds from the security forfeiture under subdivision (2) of this section or the sale of grain under subdivision (1) of this section in an interest-bearing trust account for the benefit of the valid owners, depositors, or storers of grain pending final determination of the valid owners, depositors, or storers and distribution of such proceeds.



  • When the Public Service Commission adjudicates claims under the Grain Warehouse Act, its objective is to determine those owners, depositors, storers, or qualified check holders at the time a warehouse is closed. In re Claims Against Pierce Elevator, 291 Neb. 798, 868 N.W.2d 781 (2015).