Nebraska Revised Statute 88-528

Chapter 88


License; application; criminal background check; financial statement.

Each applicant for a license and each warehouse licensee shall annually file an application with the commission and shall submit to a criminal background check as set forth in section 88-528.01. The application shall be in the form prescribed by the commission to do business under the Grain Warehouse Act and shall include an audited or reviewed fiscal year-end financial statement prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted by a person or firm which holds a permit granted by the Nebraska State Board of Public Accountancy. If the applicant files a reviewed fiscal year-end financial statement, the applicant shall also provide additional security pursuant to section 88-530 in such amount as the commission requires. If licensing as an individual, the financial statement shall be prepared in accordance with Other Comprehensive Basis of Accountancy, as filed with the board, for a personal financial statement, using historical cost and accrual basis of accounting. The financial statement shall include: (1) A balance sheet; (2) a statement of income showing profit or loss; (3) a statement of retained earnings; (4) a statement of changes in the financial position; and (5) the accountant's certifications, assurances, opinions, comments, and notes with regard to such financial statement. An applicant may also submit a valuation of assets by competent appraisal acceptable to the commission for inclusion in computing net worth for the purpose of meeting any net worth requirements imposed by the act or rules and regulations of the commission. If a valuation of assets is submitted, no more than seventy percent of appraised value shall be used in determining compliance with net worth requirements. Such application shall set forth the location of the warehouse to be used by the applicant, its relation to railroad trackage, its capacity, its general plan and equipment, and its ownership.

If an applicant for a license is a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent company and such a financial statement is not prepared for the subsidiary, the parent company shall submit its audited or reviewed fiscal year-end financial statement and shall execute an unconditional guarantee agreement as prescribed by the commission. A parent company may also submit a valuation of assets on behalf of an applicant that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company.

Cross References

  • Public accountant permit, see section 1-136.