Nebraska Revised Statute 87-405

Chapter 87


Franchisee; transfer, assign, or sell franchise or interest therein; notice; contents; franchisor; approval required.

It shall be a violation of sections 87-401 to 87-410 for any franchisee to transfer, assign or sell a franchise or interest therein to another person unless the franchisee shall first notify the franchisor of such intention by written notice by certified mail setting forth in the notice of intent the prospective transferee's name, address, statement of financial qualification and business experience during the previous five years. The franchisor shall within sixty days after receipt of such notice either approve in writing to the franchisee such sale to the proposed transferee, or by written notice advise the franchisee of the unacceptability of the proposed transferee setting forth material reasons relating to the character, financial ability or business experience of the proposed transferee. If the franchisor does not reply within the specified sixty days, his approval is deemed granted. No such transfer, assignment or sale shall be valid unless the transferee agrees in writing to comply with all the requirements of the franchise then in effect.