Nebraska Revised Statute 87-303.04

Chapter 87


Attorney General; order; failure or refusal to obey; court; powers.

(1) If any person fails or refuses to obey any order of the Attorney General to file any statement or report, or to obey any subpoena issued by the Attorney General, pursuant to the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, the Attorney General may apply to any district court in this state for relief until such person obeys such order or subpoena or files such statement or report.

(2) The court, in its order, may:

(a) Grant injunctive relief restraining the sale or advertisement of any property by such person;

(b) Require the attendance of or the production of documents by such person, or both;

(c) Suspend or revoke any license, permit, or certificate issued pursuant to law to any such person, which may be used to further the alleged unlawful practice; or

(d) Grant such other or further relief as may be necessary to obtain compliance by such person.