Nebraska Revised Statute 87-303.02

Chapter 87


Deceptive trade practice or unconscionable act; Attorney General; powers.

When the Attorney General has cause to believe that any person has engaged in or is engaging in any deceptive trade practice or unconscionable act listed in section 87-302 or 87-303.01, the Attorney General may:

(a) Require such person to file a statement or report in writing under oath or otherwise, on such forms as shall be prescribed by the Attorney General, as to all facts and circumstances concerning the sale, offer, or advertisement of property by such person, and such other data and information as the Attorney General deems necessary;

(b) Examine under oath any person in connection with the sale or advertisement of any property;

(c) Examine any property or sample thereof, record, book, document, account, or paper as the Attorney General deems necessary; or

(d) Pursuant to an order of any district court, impound any record, book, document, account, paper, or sample of property which is material to such practice and retain the same in his or her possession until the completion of all proceedings undertaken under the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act.