Nebraska Revised Statute 86-564

Chapter 86


Budget; duties.

(1) The officer shall submit as part of the biennial budget request of the office a listing of all applications submitted for consideration, cost estimates for development, testing, and full operation of each application, a recommended priority listing of the applications for which an evaluation is completed, and funding recommendations by application contained within the budget request for the division. All application estimates and requests shall be scheduled over ensuing fiscal years such that annual projected costs and completion of application phases to the point of fully operational status can be clearly determined. Local applications shall not be subject to the provisions of this subsection.

(2) All development costs for approved new applications shall be budgeted and appropriated to the division or to participating state agencies at the discretion of the Legislature. Agencies may independently request appropriations for such application development, however such requests shall be subject to the review and prioritization set forth in subdivision (2)(a) of section 86-563, and at such time as the application becomes an authorized application and funded by the Legislature, the cost of such development shall be appropriated to the division or to participating state agencies. To the extent possible, if office cash or revolving funds or federal funds may be used for application development, such funds may be transferred to the division and expended for application development in order to properly account for all costs associated with application development.