Nebraska Revised Statute 86-5,100

Chapter 86


Network Nebraska; development and maintenance; access; Chief Information Officer; duties; cost; report.

The Chief Information Officer, in partnership with the University of Nebraska, shall develop and maintain a statewide, multipurpose, high capacity, scalable telecommunications network to be called Network Nebraska. The network shall consist of contractual arrangements with providers to meet the demand of state agencies, local governments, and educational entities as defined in section 79-1201.01. Such network shall provide access to a reliable and affordable infrastructure capable of carrying a spectrum of services and applications, including distance education, across the state. The Chief Information Officer shall provide access to each school district, each educational service unit, each community college, each state college, and the University of Nebraska at the earliest feasible date and no later than July 1, 2012. Access may be provided through educational service units or other aggregation points. Participation in Network Nebraska shall not be required for any educational entity. The Chief Information Officer shall aggregate demand for those state agencies and educational entities choosing to participate and shall reduce costs for participants whenever feasible. The Chief Information Officer shall establish a cost structure based on actual costs, including necessary administrative expenses but not including administrative travel or conference expenses, and shall charge participants according to such cost structure. The Chief Information Officer shall annually provide a detailed report of such costs to each participant and to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst. The report submitted to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst shall be submitted electronically.